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Are Micro-Schools the Wave of the Future?

The New York Times of October 14, 2020, had an interesting article on the long-term effects of the pandemic on education. A number of micro-schools, learning pods, and other alternative forms of education have sprung up all over the country, many of which are expected to continue even once the virus has been brought under […]

Homeschooling Styles, Part One: The Charlotte Mason Approach

Homeschooling Styles is a series of articles outlining various approaches to home education which I personally have found useful to one degree or another. First up: Charlotte Mason. The Charlotte Mason Approach Charlotte Mason was a British Victorian-era educator. Her work with children led her to several conclusions about education that Karen Andreola, author of […]

Homeschooling Resources

Below are a few of the resources I collected over the years I was homeschooling. I will be adding to Resources on a regular basis so keep checking back. Products For Sale Rainbowresource.com.  Online store for homeschooling books and materials. They sell wrap-ups for math and Spanish, as well as Caluladders and Spelling Workout workbooks. […]