Samson Academy spent December looking at the very large and the very small!

We learned about planetary movement as described by Kepler and Galileo. We learned about Leeuwenhoek, the development of the microscope, and bacteria.

We also learned about the work of Lavoisier in identifying respiration as a chemical reaction of what he called “oxygen” and how this was the origin of modern chemistry.

We started a new unit on the human brain, exploring in particular the lobes of the brain.

But we’re not done yet! We also learned about Ockham’s Razor and Rene Descartes. Our unit on the scientific revolution of course also included Isaac Newton and his theory of gravity. We also learned about the Age of Enlightenment and did compare/constrasts between Voltaire and Rousseau, and between Adam Smith and John Locke.

In art class, we made clay necklaces and a bowl for keys or change for students to offer their parents for the holidays.

Learning is “heady” at Samson Academy!