Whether you are searching for a way to get your child “back on track” academically or for a memorable, fun summer, Samson’s got what you’re looking for!

Samson Academy’s “arts and nature” summer program strengthens academic skills while kids have fun. Offered in three two-week sessions, Samson’s 2021 summer program focuses on a different biome and its inhabitants each week. From rainforest monkeys to woodland owls, children absorb information about our planet’s animals and their place in nature through stories and hands-on projects. Other activities target skills like handwriting, reading, composition, and math. And of course there will be daily classes in art, music, and, weather permitting, outdoor activities.

Enrollment in each camp is limited to 8 students, Kinder through Grade 5. Tuition is $700 per two week camp and includes snacks and all supplies. Students should bring their own lunch. Our summer programs are held at Grace United Methodist Church, 1245 Heights Blvd, 77008 – just blocks from our school year premises.

Samson Academy Arts & Nature Session 1: Owls, Alligators, & more! June 14-25, 2021

This camp explores woodlands and swamplands. From the woods of the American northeast to Florida’s Everglades, we’ll learn about owls, foxes, otters, bears, bald eagles, and more. Examples of our hands-on projects include both art projects and dissecting an owl pellet.

Samson Academy Arts & Nature Session 2: Penguins, Wolves, & more! July 5-16, 2021

Our second summer session looks at animals living in the rainforest or the tundra. Monkeys, toucans, leopards, penguins, polar bears, and falcons, to name a few. We’ll listen to the “songs” of walruses and whales and watch the transformation of tadpole to frog.

Samson Academy Arts & Nature Session 3: Butterflies, Raccoons, and more! July 19-30, 2021

Our third summer session focuses on inhabitants of the prairie and the pond. Turtles, dragonflies, bison, butterflies, and more! Our art projects will use a variety of materials such as water color, fabric, and charcoal to explore the fundamentals of art including line, color, and texture. We’ll also be doing 3D projects.

Samson Academy Arts & Nature Session 4: Zebras, Kangaroos, and more! August 2-13, 2021

Our final summer session focuses on the savannah of Africa and the bushland of Australia. Zebras, elephants, kangaroos, koalas, and more! Our nature studies will be enhanced with the study of Aboriginal and African art.

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