Whether you are searching for a way to get your child “back on track” academically or for a memorable, fun summer, Samson’s got what you’re looking for!

Samson Academy’s “arts and nature” summer program strengthens academic skills while kids have fun. Offered in three two-week sessions, Samson’s 2023 summer program focuses on a different biome and its inhabitants each week. From rainforest monkeys to woodland owls, children absorb information about our planet’s animals and their place in nature through stories and hands-on projects. Offered in two one week sessions, Up, Up & Away, our “arts & imagination camp,” travels to countries around the world to let children experience the many cultures and languages of countries around this great planet of ours. Both camps feature other activities targeting skills like handwriting, reading, composition, and math. And of course there will be daily classes in art, music, and, weather permitting, outdoor activities.

Enrollment in each camp is limited to 8 students, Kinder through Grade 5. Tuition is $720 per two week camp and includes snacks and all supplies. Students should bring their own lunch. Our summer programs are held at our school year premises: 1703 Heights Blvd.

Up Up & Away Goes to Europe. June 5-9, 2023. In this one week camp, we’ll learn about the art, music, food, history, and culture of the UK, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany. From the music of Bach and Vivaldi to the stories of the Grimm Brothers and the art of Spaniard Pablo Picasso — this week offers a feast!

Samson Academy Arts & Nature Session 1: Owls, Alligators & More! June 12-23, 2022

Our first summer session looks at animals living in the forest or in the swamp.  Owls, alligators, foxes, egrets, and others.

Up Up & Away Goes to Japan. June 26-30. This full-day camp for boys and girls includes projects based on the art, music, food, and cultures of Japan. We’ll learn some Japanese calligraphy, watch the anime classic Ponyo, and make daruma dolls. Your children will say arigato gozaimasu! (thank you very much!) after this camp.

Up Up & Away Goes to Latin America. July 10-14, 2023. This full-day camp for boys and girls includes projects based on the art, music, food, and cultures of Latin America. From Mexico to Panama to Chile, we’ll learn vocabulary in Spanish, songs, and the art of the countries south of our border.

Samson Academy Arts & Nature Session 2: Turtles, Butterflies, & More!  July 17-28, 2023. We’ll learn about animals who live in the pond or on the prairie. Bison, fish, turtles, butterflies, and prairie dogs.

Samson Academy Arts & Nature Session 3: African savannah and the desert. July 31-August 11, 2023.

From zebras to elephants and camels to iguanas, our third arts & nature session takes us to the African savannah and deserts around the world. We also learn about animals in Australia.

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