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November 2020

Our field trip to Casa Ramirez was a huge success! Students in both classes enjoyed learning about ofrendas, altars to those family members who have passed on. Afterward, all students made their own ofrendas and decorated sugar skulls. The 3rd & 4th grade class project of building a city from recycled materials was a big […]

October 2020

Last week the Kinder-2nd grade class started a two week unit on Cinderella stories around the world. Both classes did an aboriginal-style painting and started a seed journal, tracing the development of a plant from a seed. We also planted our herb garden. The 3rd & 4th grade class made a salt map of the […]

Sample Day at Samson (NO HISD)

My previous post having mysteriously disappeared, I am reposting my description of a sample day when HISD is not in session but Samson Home School Academy is. Although HISD was closed the week of Thanksgiving, Samson Home School Academy held classes Monday and Tuesday. Since there were no online classes, we had a more flexible […]

Are Micro-Schools the Wave of the Future?

The New York Times of October 14, 2020, had an interesting article on the long-term effects of the pandemic on education. A number of micro-schools, learning pods, and other alternative forms of education have sprung up all over the country, many of which are expected to continue even once the virus has been brought under […]

Homeschooling Styles, Part One: The Charlotte Mason Approach

Homeschooling Styles is a series of articles outlining various approaches to home education which I personally have found useful to one degree or another. First up: Charlotte Mason. The Charlotte Mason Approach Charlotte Mason was a British Victorian-era educator. Her work with children led her to several conclusions about education that Karen Andreola, author of […]

Homeschooling Resources

Below are a few of the resources I collected over the years I was homeschooling. I will be adding to Resources on a regular basis so keep checking back. Products For Sale Rainbowresource.com.  Online store for homeschooling books and materials. They sell wrap-ups for math and Spanish, as well as Caluladders and Spelling Workout workbooks. […]