Why choose Samson Home School Academy?

  • We offer individual attention in a micro-class environment.  Maximum class size is EIGHT (8) students.
  • The maximum enrollment for the entire academy is 16 students.
  • We have extensive policies aimed at preventing the spread of the corona virus.
  • We offer students in-person instruction using a curriculum which both meets Texas standards and has been demonstrated to achieve outstanding results.
  • The program’s director has over 25 years teaching experience.

Is there a minimum enrollment period?

Yes, because our classes are so small parents must commit to the entire school year.

Can I start at Samson Academy after the beginning of the school year?

Yes, we operate on a space available basis.

What if my child has a subject in which s/he is below/above grade level?

Every child is assessed before starting at Samson to determine precisely what areas need extra attention or where a child might be ahead. One of the attributes of Samson Academy is our ability to “meet the child where s/he is.”

Where are Samson Academy classes held?

We are located in the education wing of Lambert Hall, 1703 Heights Blvd, in Houston Heights.

Classrooms have tables, white boards, math manipulatives, art supplies, wifi – everything a school classroom needs. Our location also includes a dining area as well as garden beds for each class.

What is the composition of each class? Are classes mixed age?

Because of the strict need for micro-sized classes, classes may reflect the Montessori approach of mixed age classes. This would generally keep children of similar levels together: kinder and first grade, for example. However, children develop in different areas at different rates. A child technically in kinder may be reading on the second grade level. The small size of our classes allows for individual attention to children regardless of age or grade level.

What is a typical day like?

Our day starts with a quick aerobic and yoga session followed by Morning Circle. Daily components of Morning Circle are calendar, current events, nature poem, and French. In addition, each day includes two of the following in rotation: our affirmation, character study, poet study, artist study, composer study, and folk songs. Next up is math, followed by recess and snack. Language arts and read-aloud are next, followed by music, then lunch and recess.  Afternoons include history, science, art, and a weekly cooking class. The final element of our day is clean up, with each student taking a turn at various tasks including sweeping the floor and emptying trash.

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