Why choose Samson Tutoring?

  • We offer individual attention in a nurturing environment.  In addition to one-on-one sessions, we also offer small group tutoring. Maximum class size is THREE (3) students.
  • The program’s director has over 28 years teaching experience.

Is there a minimum enrollment period?

No, you can sign up for one session on an as-needed basis. We do offer a discount for 3 or more pre-paid sessions.

Do I start at Samson tutoring at the beginning of the school year?

We operate on a space available basis. We will schedule a session at your convenience through the calendar year.

 How do I know if my child has a subject in which s/he is below/above grade level?

Every child is assessed before starting at Samson to determine precisely what areas need extra attention or where a child might be ahead. One of the attributes of Samson Academy is our ability to “meet the child where s/he is.”

Where are Samson Academy classes held?

We are located in the Houston Heights. You will be emailed the exact address once you have booked your session.

Our classroom has a table, white board, math manipulatives, school supplies, books, and wifi – everything a school classroom needs.

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