COVID Precautions

In order to protect students and staff, Samson operates under strict precautions against the corona virus.

· Children are dropped off in the circular drive. A Samson teacher or administrator will escort the child into the building.

· Upon entering the building, the child immediately washes her/his hands with an anti-viral scrub.

· Masks are worn from the car to the classroom. Face shields may be used in lieu of face masks in the classroom. At no time should a child or staff member be bare-faced.

· Classrooms are equipped with desk and face shields.

· Social distancing is observed.

· Classes will be held outside when feasible.

· Individual classes will not mix with other classes.

. Lunch is eaten in our cafeteria. Social distancing is observed during lunch.

In addition to respecting the above guidelines, parents must also commit to ensuring the family follows CDC guidelines respecting masks, social distancing, avoidance of sick people, and stay-at-home orders for those with symptoms.

Payment of Fees

By registering a child for Samson Home School Academy, the parent agrees to payment of tuition for the entire school year. Students who leave the program early will still be responsible for any remaining payments.

Due to the small class size, we regret we are unable to offer a sibling discount.

Withdrawals and Refunds

Because of the small class size, parents must commit to the full school year.

Registration/supply fees and tuition are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Cancellation Due to Bad Weather

To ensure the safety of teachers and students, classes may occasionally be canceled due to bad weather. These classes are not refundable.


Parents and legal guardians waive the right to any legal action of any illness or injury sustained on school property resulting from any activity conducted by students before, during, or after class.

Photo Release

Enrollment in Samson Home School Academy gives Samson Academy the permission to take photographs of students for use in brochures, website, posters, advertisements, and other promotional materials created by the School.

Text Opt In

Registration in Samson Academy automatically gives Samson permission to send text messages. Text messages are sent ONLY in the event of the need to convey important information in a last-minute timely fashion.