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What Kind of Education Do You Want For YOUR Child?

First in a series: Language Arts My husband recently “babysat” a friend’s nine year old while the latter participated in his online public school classes.  My husband came home that evening and looked at me.  “Have you listened to what goes on in those classes?” he asked. Why, yes. And it vindicates my decision, lo […]

January 2021: First Presidents, the solar system, and constellations

January 2021: the beginning of a new year, a new semester. At Samson Home School Academy, we started a new unit of American history: American Presidents, Washington through Lincoln. In addition to the the biography of each President, we studied the major events in American history that occurred during each administration. We learned about the […]

December 2020

December is Dr. Seuss month for our Kinder-2nd Grade class. We’ll also begin to learn about traits of civilization. In learning about the invention of writing, we’ll be making cunieform tablets. We’ll also cover ancient Egypt this month. The 3rd and 4th grade class will continue their unit on early American history, tracing its steps […]