Our first full month of school! This month we learned about the feudal system and the influence of the Catholic Church.

We learned about cathedrals and castles, stained glass windows and coats of arms. We also learned about secular and sacred music. Some of us love Gregorian chant!

We also learned about the rise and spread of Islam.

Half-way through the month we celebrated International Dot Day – a day celebrating imagination and creativity.

We began a six week unit on “attention” as part of our character study class. We finished our unit on the artist Giotto and started on the the artist Jan Van Eyck.

We took a field trip to the public library where we did a scavenger hunt based on the Dewey decimal system.

We finished our character study unit on “courage” and started one on “attention.”

For cooking class this month, we made strawberry refrigerator pie, hummus, and Norwegian fruit soup.

Who says learning isn’t sweet?