In October, we started a unit on chemistry and molecules.  What fun we had doing experiments and make model molecules!

We also learned about the respiratory and circulatory systems in humans.

In history, we learned about the Magna Carta, the Crusades, and the Silk Road.

In addition, we started a month-long unit on artist Yoyoi Kusama, famous for her polka-dot art.

Another part of this event-filled month was a special architecture project, building houses. This project is a “sneak peak” for a two-month architecture project scheduled for the spring. This was an online class which students enjoyed very much.

At the end of the month, we went on a field trip to Casa Ramirez to admire altars celebrating Day of the Dead. A trip to the ice cream shop was another highlight of the day!

For cooking class this month, we made Irish soda bread, teriyaki chicken, scones, chocolate mousse, and African pumpkin stew.