Our July Summer Samson focused on pond and prairie. As part of our unit on prairies, we learned about buffalo and their special role in Native American culture, as well as about prairie dogs, elk, grasshoppers, and tornados. In addition to learning about the weather conditions that lead to the formation of tornados, we also learned about tornado safety.

Another topic of study was Monarch butterflies. We created watercolor and glue art projects, and planted seeds of the flowers these butterflies need.

In our unit on ponds, we learned about turtles and dragonflies, as well as moose, beaver, and otters. Campers really enjoyed making a 3D cutaway of a beaver lodge.

As part of our daily activities, we worked on spelling and writing. We also played math games to keep those skills sharp. Each week, campers created a diorama of their respective biome.

Coming up in August: African savannah and animals of Australia.