October 2020

Last week the Kinder-2nd grade class started a two week unit on Cinderella stories around the world. Both classes did an aboriginal-style painting and started a seed journal, tracing the development of a plant from a seed. We also planted our herb garden. The 3rd & 4th grade class made a salt map of the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers, the Fertile Crescent.

This week the 3rd and 4th grade class learned about the origins of the scientific method by studying the biographies of Galileo and Newton. They also did “action” paintings like Jackson Pollack and began learning a “kata,” a sequence of karate moves. At Samson we provide opportunities for free expression as well as the development of self-discipline!

Next week the Kinder-2nd class learns about the Boston Tea Party and Benjamin Franklin, while the 3rd & 4th grade class deepens its understanding of the scientific method by learning about the beginnings of epidemiology and the role of the Broad Street pump in an outbreak of cholera in 19th century London.

Coming later in October is a unit on Day of the Dead. We have arranged for a field trip to Casa Ramirez on October 21st. We will be sending home permission slips for parents to sign. Parents will also be given the opportunity to send money in case children wish to purchase any items. Casa Ramirez is well-known for its annual display of ofrendas, Day of the Dead altars, and its DOD program of activities.

Also coming (in early November) is a unit on architecture and making a city out of recycled materials so start saving those paper towel and toilet rolls now!

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