November 2020

Our field trip to Casa Ramirez was a huge success! Students in both classes enjoyed learning about ofrendas, altars to those family members who have passed on. Afterward, all students made their own ofrendas and decorated sugar skulls.

The 3rd & 4th grade class project of building a city from recycled materials was a big hit. Students brainstormed what they wanted in a town and then went to work to build it. They did a fabulous job!

November is the month of nursery rhymes for the Kinder-2nd class. Students in both classes will learn about worms and mushrooms, and their role in decomposition.

Students in the 3rd & 4th grade class will study Andy Warhol and start their unit on American history. We will learn about Native Americans as well as colonial America. Our biographies for November include Rachel Carson, author of The Sea Around Us. We’ll also be learning about coral reefs, sharks, and ecosystems.

The Kinder-2nd grade class will be learning about creation stories from about the world and their biographies include cosmologist Stephen Hawking.

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