Samson Academy Opens

Samson Home School Academy opens Tuesday, September 8th for in-person micro-sized academic classes for children Kinder through Grade 4. Classes are held at 1703 Heights Blvd, inside Height Christian Church Education Building. Drop-off is in the circular drive.

School Garden

We are excited to announce that Irene Nava, master gardener and long-time gardening educator with Urban Harvest, is helping Samson establish class gardens. Children will participate in the making, planting, weeding, and harvesting of the class gardens. Fresh veggies and fresh air!

Fall Semester History Scope

For the fall semester of the 2020/21 school year, we will be studying world history from prehistory through ancient Egypt. Our American history lessons will take us from Native Americans through the writing of the Constitution.

Safety Precautions

Parents are reminded that the following precautions against corona virus must be observed.

School Motto

For education is not the filling of a vessel but the kindling of a flame.