In December, we started a new character study unit: integrity.

We also started two new units, one in Texas history and one in the geography of Europe and the Middle East.

We cemented our recently acquired information on the Middle Ages by adding to our Timelines of History notebooks, as well as creating a Middle Ages lap book.

We added a new aspect to our gardening project. Where we had been doing container gardening, thanks to St. Andrew’s Church and their community garden project, we are now the proud participants in a raised bed gardening venture.

We planted lettuce seeds and, as an experiment, the sprouting seed from a student’s tomato!

The element of art that we are studying during December is COLOR VALUE, light to dark.

Something I’ve forgotten to mention earlier is our weekly contribution to feeding the homeless.

Every Friday morning we start the day helping our hosts, Heights Christian Church, pack lunches for the less fortunate among us. Charity truly begins at home.

In cooking class, we made potato dill soup, chili (hush, it had beans!), and to celebrate the holidays, stained glass window cookies and gingerbread men.